Digital Colour

In business competition, the finish line keeps moving and we are always looking to improve our past performance. Print-On-Demand is our process which uses the latest digital printing technology to deliver printed materials faster, less expensively and with greater marketing impact on your customers. Essentially what it means is being able to print very small quantities, quickly and cost-effectively.

Traditionally, offset printing involved an enormous amount of setup time, which resulted in it only being used for large print runs, particularly for colour work. Today, technology has advanced to the point where true on demand printing is a reality; the main advantage of on-demand printing is being able to print what you need when you need it. This eliminates the costs associated with large amounts of printed material in inventory. Think about how much space you’ll save by not having to inventory your printed materials. Your materials will always be completely up-to-date.

We can store your materials digitally at our facility. Whenever you need more printed, or need to make a change, we simply plug in your latest revisions and begin printing immediately – no wasted time. We can handle extra thick stocks up to 16pt Cover.

Dave’s Quick Print is one of only a few printers in Manitoba who is FSC Certified for digital printing (and offset printing too!)