PC Hints

How to Copy Fonts:
Open Windows Explorer. Double-click the Windows folder. Double-click the fonts folder. Find the fonts you used in your document. Click, hold and drag the font to your removable media (zip disk).

Linked Images:
It is very important you remember to include on your disk any linked images you have in your document. This will save us time and get your project printed faster.

Printer Driver Problems
This problem commonly occurs when transferring files from one computer to another. What happens is that every print driver for every different kind of printer are different. What Microsoft Office Programs do is use your print driver you have selected for your printer to format your document. When the same document is transferred to another computer using a different printer driver, Microsoft programs will re-format your document to fit it. So what may end up happening is text can jump onto the next page or text from the next page can jump to the first page. As well some words may jump down to the next line or the other way around. This is without the operator doing anything at all to the document. That is why a hard copy is so important to ensure accuracy.

Font Substitution Problems:
Microsoft Office Programs will replace fonts in the document without notifying the operator of the change. So without a hard copy it can sometimes be very difficult to catch that error because we don’t know what it really is supposed to look like.

Separation Problems:
Microsoft Office Programs will not properly separate. If you are using the Microsoft Office suite to design your project, you will have additional charges for the modification of your job to allow for the creation of proper press separations. Consult your sales representative for advice.

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