Mac Hints

If using inDesign:
Go to the File menu and select “Package…”. Follow the instructions on screen, ensuring you have selected to include all fonts and linked images. The final screen in this process will ask you to select or create a destination folder. This folder is what you should send to us, as it will include everything we need to print your project at the highest possible quality.

How to Copy Fonts:
Fonts can be located in the fonts folder in your system folder. Find the fonts used in your document. Click on them hold down the option key and drag it to your Desktop or working folder. Select all fonts and right-click or option-click and select “Compress X Files…”. Place the resultant .zip file on your removable media (USB drive or blank CD).

Linked Images:
It is very important you remember to include on your disk any linked images you have in your document. This will save us time and get your project printed faster.

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